Get your Competition Licence

Firstly you need to have completed Level 1 Ridesmart and Level 2 Tracksmart courses. Licence Assessment and Testing is done at Level 3 Ride Only Group, so book on line for a Level 3 course and then email or phone us to book your actual Licence test. There is no cost associated with this test. The Coaches of your group will issue you with a “Licence testing Vest” on the day and assess you on track throughout the day. Once you are signed off on you will be required to answer a 25 questionnaire at the track and then be issued with the MA Licence Application Form.  This will need to be processed thru Motorcycling WA who will return the Licence with issued Road Race Number. (allow approximately 10 days to turn this around)

Note:  To process your Licence Application with Motorcycling WA you will need to have the following in place

a)      Full membership with MCRCWA (or an affiliated motorcycle club)

b)      Ambulance cover (thru private health fund, St Johns Ambulance (thru HBF) or Bupa

c)      Copy of Proof of Age (ie birth certificate, passport, Driver’s Licence)

Cost of MA Competition Licence (Senior National Licence) for 2017 (valid 12 months from date of issue) is $320.00
In order to participate in any MA or State Controlling Body (SCB) permitted event you will be required to be the holder of a current national licence. A Senior National Licence entitles you to compete in any competition permitted by Motorcycling Australia or SCB.

A Senior is classified as a person who is over the age of sixteen (16).