Wet Weather & Cancellation Policy 2016



Unfortunately weather is beyond our control. MCRC/RidedaysWA is committed to the circuit booking and cannot make a decision until at the track on the day. It will be at the discretion of the RidedaysWA Coaches to end the day early should conditions pose too much of a risk for all riders. It is the rider’s responsibility to prepare their bike and themselves for the conditions forecast.


It is not the responsibility of RIDEDAYSWA if you fail to attend or not take part in all or part of the day.

Cancellations and Transfers:

If for some reason you need to cancel or transfer your Course, you have two options -

  • Email us no later than 48 hrs before. If there is a waiting list and the position can be filled you will receive a refund (or fee will be transferred to another course day) less an administration fee.
  • Booking cannot be transfered/swapped/traded or given away by attendee unless prior written approval is given by MCRCWA Office.


  • If we or you are unable to fill your place, we will not issue a refund.

Exceptions may be considered at the last minute but you must email us and explain your individual situation.  An admin booking fee will be charged.

Motorcycle Racing Club WA Inc.